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In an approach similar to the one of the old masters, concepts and visions first find life as illustrations on paper, to then be translated in their three-dimensional form by the award winning artist through methodical hand-carving of wax models. These are then cast or electroformed in silver and gold, and composed in pieces of jewellery by the distinct narrative feel, their sculptural quality enhancing the storytelling virtue and charm.

Precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls become part of the design as further narrative device, and the use of gilding and patina as surface finish sets the mood for the work and the story behind it.

“A deep fascination with the human figure and the Fantastic is what distinguishes my pieces of sculptural jewellery; the playful use of body forms and the rich palette of silver and gold are evocative of fanciful creatures of a Classical Grotesque nature and opulent artworks of Renaissance times, a reflection of my Italian background. In my work, I aspire to recreate the sense of wonder and amusement so peculiar to such styles by embedding my own myths and legends in figurative pendants, necklaces and brooches – offering bite size escapism from a disenchantment of reality.”  

- Chiara Bet -


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Award helps students design in precious metals. Leicester Mercury (21/05/2011).


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